Rehabilitation Statistics


The Surgical and Rehabilitation Response to the Haiti Earthquake

The disaster response environment in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake represented a complex healthcare challenge. This study was designed to identify challenges during the Haiti disaster response.

Medical rehabilitation of spinal cord injury following earthquakes

This literature review examines epidemiological studies reporting data on spinal cord injury survivors of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan, the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

The provision of wheeled mobility and positioning devices (2013)

This policy paper describes Handicap International’s mandate as applied to the provision of wheeled mobility and positioning devices. View report here and policy brief here.

The  provision of wheeled mobility and positioning devices: Integrating wheelchair provision into rehabilitation systems: Focus on emergency contexts (2013) 

This policy brief provides an introduction to integrating wheeled mobility and positioning device provision into rehabilitation work – with a focus on emergency contexts. Brief can be viewed here, with the full report forthcoming. 

The Sustainability Analysis Process: The Case of Physical Rehabilitation (2012)

This guide describes the Sustainability Analysis Process (SAP), which aims to facilitate the development of a common vision of sustainability, using physical rehabilitation as a case study. View report here.

Manual for the professional in adapted physical activity (2011)

Detailed adapted physical activities are provided with practical guides, group sport guides and assessment tools in order to promote a more inclusive society through sports. View report here.

Impact of Rehabilitation Care on the Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Togo: Survey of 30 lower limb amputees (2009)

This report details a study on the impact of health-related rehabilitation as a contributor to social inclusion for people with disabilities in Togo. View report here.

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    There were several spinal cord injuries in last earthquake the team which researching about it conduct a full scale research where also writes on how to survive on these circumstances. The survey on Pakistan, China and different region where earthquake hit with big scale a medical team suggested that we have to next time if something like that happened prepare for the worst and had to make a permanent cure for spinal injuries as more of the victim of last earthquake are still on wheelchairs if there were proper rehabilitation center then they could have walked again.
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    Now in this article you told about the Rehabilitation Statistics which is good to read because Rehabiliation is the best way to recover the disability. In this report you wrote the real facts of Rehabiliation and i actually read that word at then like to get more information related to that word. Then i got this site and some more to have all information about it.
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    Rehabilitation help to recover almost any kind of Disablility but it’s necessary to follow the correct way of Rehabilitation. Now here you wrote the Statistics of tht procedure in this post which show almost 95% people recover through that process. However, I want to know about a site but happy to see the Statistics and my beleive become strong that everything is possible in this world.
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    This study was designed to identify challenges during the Haiti disaster response.
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