Nepal: Messages of Hope

If you could speak directly to victims of the Nepal Earthquake, what would you say to boost their spirits?

Nepal_Messages_of_Hope.jpgSince the Nepal earthquake struck, our staff in Nepal has been working around the clock to bring care and comfort to children and adults with injuries, disabilities, and post-traumatic stress. Please help amplify their work by writing a “Message of Hope”—your thoughts, well-wishes, and prayers for the people of Nepal. In the coming weeks, we will deliver your messages to Nepal’s most vulnerable survivors. 

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    May your recovery be swift and great.
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    dear people my good wishes and love are with you always fairy angels bless you so do not worry love you so much god loves you and bless you
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    Dear Nepalese brothers and sisters,

    I’m Yoshiko and am from earthquake country.

    Just looking at the scene of devastating earthquake in dear Nepal broke my heart and am sorry for all victims who are suffering from earthquake.

    Never give up hope and I’m praying that you all can recover from loss and pain of this devastating earthquake.

    We are the same earthquake country and Nepalese people helped us when earthquake hit Japan in 2011.

    It’s our turn to help dear Nepalese people.

    With Love from Japan
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    Trust in the Lord, He is ever faithful – you are deeply loved!! He will not fail you, you are not alone… Just look to Him, He is aching to help you…
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    dearest people i hope sunshine comes always for you and fairy angels protect you i love you so much mama mary loves you and jesus love you so much and my prayers are with you takecare hope is there and shines for you love
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    dear people i love you so much fairy angels are with you i love you so much and mama mary and jesus loves you too you are so precious my prayers are with you always
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    dear people my love and best wishes are with you always fairy angels care for you mother mary loves you so much and jesus from my heart i love you all my dear loved ones big angel hugs
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    Never give up hope…Our prayers are with you all human and animal.
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    We are praying deeply for the Nepalese people. May Allah protect you and your children during this difficult time. Love from Sudan
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    Stay strong, and know that God is watching, even during this time of severe hardship, and know people all over the world (myself included) are praying for you and hoping for the best!
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    dear brothers and sisters from Nepal!!!!! we have a deep sorrow because of the earth quakes which have been killed the life of innocent people!!!!!!! you are not alone in this difficult moment!!!!! God bless you"" and many blessings to you
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    dear brothers and sisters from Nepal!!!!! we have a deep sorrow because of the earth quakes which have been killed the life of innocent people!!!!!!! you are not alone in this difficult moment!!!!! God bless you"" and many blessings to you
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    We are thinking of you and sending best wishes for your recovery from this awful disaster. We embrace you all with our minds and hearts.
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    even though the injuries, lose of the love ones, homes community. the pain has travel and reached those who far from that place. the pain you feel their, as well evn us we feel it.
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    I pray for you and your family and hope there is never another earthquake. but that when the rebuilding takes place that buildings and homes are made stronger .I feel sorrow for all those that died and for the survivors that lost family. I have donated to help families and animals recover. Be strong!
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    Have faith and keep strong…
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    dearest people my best wishes are with you always love you all you know you all are precious my heart say you are fine lots and lots of love to you and i keep you in my prayers you are star love you mother mary and jesus love you so much with love gautam
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    You are not alone. Our hearts are ever connected by God, moving thousands of people all over the world to rush to you with help. Whatever is lost will be regained, rebuilt. Patience and courage. Be sure we are with you to make it happen.
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    Our hearts are with you. Hold on and Believe the world cares.
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    This is chandramohan from sri lanka……. I hope very soonely u all recovers from this kind of diocese… i will prayers to all family members to recovered very soonely………………we will all time to help to u………………..
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    It may not seem like it, but there are those of us around the world who care…who are doing our best to help you…and who are praying, wishing & hoping for a quick recovery for all. Don’t give up hope.
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    Prayers and blessings to you as you try to cope with this tragedy.
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    Praying For Nepal
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    I’m not in an earthquake, but I am disabled and having a rough time getting help for all sorts of things, so I can sort of relate. I also suffer from PTSD. I am keeping you all in prayer, and hope that things get better for you! Thanks.
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    The whole world has been horrified at the catastrophic damage caused by the recent earthquake in Nepal. It is devastating to suffer a horrific loss whether it is members of our family, our possessions, our homes or communities. It must seem impossible to recover and move on from such a crushing experience but please know that there are many are thinking of you and sending you prayers that you will find the strength to move forward. Don’t lose hope.