Landmines, Cluster Munitions & UXO Statistics


Bombs under the rubble — Study of awareness of explosive remnants of war among the populations of Gaza (2015)

This baseline assessment was undertaken by Handicap International in October 2014 in Gaza.The focus was to collect baseline data related to the knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding explosive remnants of war contamination in communities impacted by the recent conflict. View report here. 

Victim Assistance in Cambodia—The Human Face of Survivors and their Needs for Assistance (2011)

This paper examines the lives of victims/survivors of landmines by tracking their historical background, the accident and their present conditions. A broader victim assistance and disability framework serves as the backdrop of analysis in this report. View report here

Knowledge, attitudes and practices for risk education: How to implement KAP surveys (2009)

This guide provides a systematic basis for the implementation of a KAP (knowledge, attitudes and practices) survey on landmines and explosive remnants of war. View report here

Recommendations for national action plans on victim assistance (2009)

Handicap International recommendations to support stakeholders involved in creating and updating National Action Plans on Victim Assistance (2010-2014), in accordance with international humanitarian and human rights standards. View report here

Circle of impact: The fatal footprint of cluster munitions on people and communities (2007)

Ninety-eight percent of people killed or injured by cluster submunitions are civilians living in the aftermath of war. This Handicap International report documents the impact of cluster munitions on the lives of people and communities in 25 countries and territories. View report here

Knowledge, attitudes, practices related to landmine and unexploded ordnance: North West zone, Somalia (2007)

This study evaluates the impact of the Mine Risk Education project implemented by Handicap International in Somaliland, by gathering information on the evolution of the population’s knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding mine and unexploded ordnance safety and awareness. View report here

Recommendations for the victim assistance provisions in a treaty banning cluster munitions: A practitioners’ perspective (2007)

This document provides common recommendations for victim assistance provisions, which should be included in a future treaty to ensure that its implementation will respond to the needs and rights of cluster munition victims. View report here

What rights for mine victims? Reparation, compensation: From legal analysis to political perspectives (2005)

This study examines different areas of international law in order to compile the potential legal means which could be claimed by landmine victims, allowing for compensation. View report here

Acting Against Landmines: The Position of Handicap International (2001)

Handicap International helped to initiate and run an international movement aimed at the total prohibition of landmines: the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL). View report here

Towards Real Assistance to Landmine Victims: the Position of Handicap International (2000)

By banning antipersonnel landmines, States Parties committed themselves to providing assistance to landmine victims. Despite the efforts first made and the declarations of intention, much remains to be done in the area of victim assistance. View report here

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    Help the victims (2010-2014) for national action in accordance with the plan, with international humanitarian standards and human rights. See report.
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    This guide provides a systematic basis for conducting a KAP survey (knowledge, attitudes and practices) on landmines and explosive remnants of war. view
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    Great post here. I am concerned about the high number of people who die due to the explosives of cluster submunitions. How can this be reduced? Is there something experts or the government can do to reduce the deaths?
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    Handicap International is a non-governmental organization created in 1982 to provide help in refugee camps in Cambodia and Thailand.
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