Inclusion Resources


Situation of wage employment of people with disabilities: Ten developing countries in focus (2016)

The white paper is based on the results of a qualitative study of Handicap International's inclusive livelihoods programs in 10 developing countries. The paper's goal is to increase wage employment of people with disabilities by providing employers with the best practices showcasing successful wage employment facilitated by Handicap International and partner businesses, enterprises, and organizations. View the report here.

Pilot Testing of 3D Printing Technology (2017)

From January-October 2016, Handicap International implemented a pilot testing of 3D printing technology for transtibial prosthesis in Togo, Madagascar and Syria. The aim of the study was to explore and test how physical rehabilitation services can be more accessible to people living in complex contexts via innovative technologies (such as 3D printing, treatment processes that use Internet technology, and tools) and decentralized services by bringing them closer to the patients. This scientific summary provides the context, the objectives, the methodology, the results of the study, and perspectives for the future.

Disability in Humanitarian Context (2015)

This report is based on the results of a global consultation carried out in 2015 as a contribution to the World Humanitarian Summit and is intended to better identify the changes needed for a disability-inclusive humanitarian response. A total of 769 responses were collected through 3 online surveys targeting persons with disabilities, disabled people's organizations and humanitarian actors.

The responses show that persons with disabilities are strongly impacted when a crisis occurs: 54% of respondents with disabilities state they have experienced a direct physical impact, sometimes causing new impairments. 27% report that they have been psychologically, physically or sexually abused. Increased psychological stress and/or disorientation are other effects of the crisis for 38% of the respondents with disabilities. View the report here

Out from the Shadows (2011)

Children with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence, an issue which is rarely talked about. This groundbreaking report by Handicap International and Save the Children aims to shed some light on the problem. View report here.  

Inclusive Education (2012)

This policy paper describes Handicap International’s mandate and values in operational terms as applied to to the theme of inclusive education. View report here and brief format here.

La représentation et l’évaluation du handicap en Haïti (2012)

A report on Haiti’s representation of disability. View report here and brief format here (In French).

Inclusive employment: How to develop projects which promote the employment of people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations (2011)

This paper applies the mandate and values of Handicap International to inclusive employment activities. View report here and brief format here.

People with disabilities in the suburban areas of Maputo and Matola (2010)

This research publication provides an assessment of the socio-economic circumstances facing people with disabilities in two Mozambique cities. View report here.

Accessibility: how to design and promote an environment accessible to all? (2009)

This policy paper defines accessibility and presents the operational strategy of Handicap International in this area. View report here.

Inclusive local development: how to implement a disability approach at local level (2009)

This is an action guide that presents approaches and reference tools in the field of inclusive local development. View report here.