We work with people with disabilities to promote their inclusion in education, sports and cultural activities, as well as access to employment. We lobby governments to ensure they are offered equal opportunities.

In many developing countries, 98% of children with disabilities do not attend school and 80% of people with disabilities live on less than $1 a day. We enable people with disabilities to live as full citizens with their families and in their communities, thus facilitating equal opportunities.

Eight out of 10 people with disabilities live in developing countries, where conflicts and poverty constantly put their quality of life in jeopardy. Although they have limited access to health care, education, employment, transport and leisure activities, their needs are very often not taken into account in international development projects.

Handicap International works diligently to see people with disabilities welcomed as equals among their neighbors, to open doors to schools for everyone, to help the alternately-abled find work, and raise their voices to realize their rights.

In this animation produced by Handicap International Mozambique and UNICEF, see how we make the world more inclusive for children with disabilities at school, on public transportation, and beyond.