Urgence_Syrie_Jorduley_HI_Jordan_Zaatari_arrivals1_(1).JPEGHandicap International’s emergency teams respond to conflict, natural disasters, and disease epidemics with a focus on assisting the most vulnerable victims. In particular, we seek out people with injuries and disabilities, the elderly, and isolated women and children.

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Current Emergencies

Irma Updates

Hurricane Irma, the longest-lasting, top-intensity hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, passed by Haiti on September 7. After initial assessments, Handicap International does not anticipate needing a large-scale response. The team will keep a close eye on Hurricane Jose in the days ahead. Our teams in Cuba are also keeping track of the storm's impact on the country.

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Syria Crisis Enters 7th Year

Syria | Crisis Enters 7th Year

According to recent estimates, the six-year Syrian conflict has left 470,000 people dead and 1.9 million injured, totaling nearly 12% of the population. More than 12.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes. Handicap International’s emergency mission in the Middle East is redoubling its efforts to bring aid and comfort to thousands of people affected by the fighting in Syria.

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Iraq Aiding Iraqis and Syrians Fleeing War

Iraq | Aiding Iraqis and Syrians Fleeing War

Since the beginning of 2014, 2.8 million Iraqis have fled fighting in the north and west of the country. More than one million traveled to Kurdistan. They join more than 248,000 Syrians seeking refuge there.

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Democratic Republic of Congo Coping with Decades of Instability

Democratic Republic of Congo | Coping with Decades of Instability

The unspeakable brutality of armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has left countless civilians with severe disabling injuries. Handicap International works in North Kivu province, providing support to vulnerable people caught in the region’s conflicts and to victims of explosive remnants of war and armed violence.

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South Sudan Armed Conflict Threatens Civilians

South Sudan | Armed Conflict Threatens Civilians

South Sudan has been undergoing a political crisis since December 2013, which has resulted in fighting and massive population movements. The number of internally displaced people has reached 1.5 million and some 730,000 South Sudanese have fled to other countries.

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Gaza Recovering from Conflict

Gaza | Recovering from Conflict

During and immediately after the conflict, Handicap International donated equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches to Al-Shifa hospital, where many of the injured were treated. The organization made its first donation on July 23, 2014.

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