Thank You Ebola Warriors

Meet Handicap International's Ebola Warriors in Sierra Leone who helped bring the Ebola outbreak to an end in that country. In fighting Ebola, our staff worked under harsh conditions and put themselves at risk to prevent people in Sierra Leone—and around the world—from getting sick. They remain on call today in case Ebola returns. Please let them know you’re grateful for their hard work and dedication. Write a message of thanks and words of encouragement below. In the coming weeks, we will deliver your messages to them in Sierra Leone. 

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    Thank you for putting your lives on the line.
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    Every day we are flooded with images of stupid, ignorant, cruel people. To see these workers restores my faith in humanity. Outstanding courage, strength and compassion. I won’t forget you.
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    Thank you for your courage and dedication, to make this world a better place.
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    Thank you for serving those struck by Ebola and protecting others from it. Responding to the call of another without a thought of danger to self is the highest action. You are heroes.
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    thank you for the compassionate and important work you do!
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    Thank you for giving your time and expertise to defeating Ebola, even as you risked your own lives.
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    Thank you for your sacrifice & service! May you be blessed!!!
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    Your bravery and caring are humbling. Thank you for your service to humanity.
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    You are the bravest and most incredible angels to have gone in where most of us would never dare. Thank you for saving so many lives and for doing what has made a most remarkable difference in this world. You are inspiring!
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    thank you for your dedication and that you will be blessed
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    Thank you for being heroes again and again, day after day! We will not forget what you have done and what you continue to do.
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    Thank you so much!
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    Thank you for your service! You are truly heroes.
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    Cudos to making this happen!
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    Thank you for your hard work.
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    Thank you so much for all your dedication and involvement in fighting Ebola and keeping people safe from this terrible disease.
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    Your resistance will never be forgotten..
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    You are all doing wonderful work
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    Thanks for all your courageous work.
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    its amazing what you do and you put your own lives at risk to save others……
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    Thank you so much for all of your hard work, everyone!
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    Thank you for your Unconditional and Fearless Love in helping end Ebola.
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    Thanks millions!
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    Thank you for your selfless legacy which is a gift to all of the world
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    I am humbled by your courage, compassion and willingness to sacrifice yourselves to save those suffering from this truly horrific disease. Thank you for doing such incredibly important work, and for acting so far beyond the call of duty to help your patients; Your actions truly matter!

    You are truly inspirational to me, as you are to countless millions worldwide, and I wish you great peace and every happiness in your long lives!
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    Thank you so very much!