Disability rights


Support to Organizations Representative of Persons with Disabilities (2011)

This policy paper is based on Handicap International's experience, which was acquired while working with and supporting organizations that represent people with disabilities. View report here and brief format here.

Understanding The UN Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities (2010)

This manual gives a comprehensive overview of the CRPD, and the positions taken by the different stakeholders involved including government delegates, UN agencies, human rights institutions, and other representatives from civil society, most importantly disabled people’s organizations (DPOs). This document also provides information on interpreting the text of the CRPD and providing further information for its implementation at the local, national, regional, and international levels. Download the manual



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    Almost every country have Disability rights except the Asia countries where disability rights available but there is not implementation which is not good for Disable people and country as well. We should take stand for those people for their rights. When i read the story of a disable person at http://123writemyessays.com/ then tears came out from my eyes. I like to salut him for his braveness and determination.
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    Diability rights are very necessary for every country because Disable people also Citizen of the country and we should support them and help them to make Reponsible citizen of the country. In this article you wrote the names of those organizations who always stand behind Diable people to support them. Well! I have got the detail of such organizations from http://essaymama.org/write-my-essay.html and i think we should also support such organizations to make the life easy of the special or Disable people.
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